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Monsters In The Briny by Lynn Becker and Scott Brundage

Have you ever wondered about what is down in the depths of the sea?

The Picture Book of the Week is Monsters In The Briny, written by Lynn Becker and illustrated by Scott Brundage.

About the Book:

Monsters In The Briny is more than a book — it is a song. I opens with a kraken attacking a sailing ship. The sailors giving it pancakes and play the accordion, but the ship is still going down. The kraken isn’t the only problem, though, as the ship is then attacked by sea goats and serpents and all manner of sea monsters. The sailors do their best to avoid ending up shipwrecked, but nothing works.

Watch the book trailer here:

Writing Exercise for kids:

The sailors in Monsters In The Briny try to fight the sea monsters with pancakes and accordion playing. Imagine you were faced with fighting a sea monster. Write about how you would defeat it.

K-5 Writing Prompt Activity Monsters In The Briny

K-5 Writing Prompt Activities for Monsters In The Briny in Spanish


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