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The Cucuy Stole My Cascarones by Spelile Rivas and Valeria Cervantes

Have you ever had to be brave? It isn’t always easy to do the right thing when you are scared, but being brave usually leads you in the right direction.

The Picture Book of the Week is The Cucuy Stole my Cascarones, written by Spelile Rivas and illustrated by Valeria Cervantes.

About the Book:

Roberto and his mom have just spent the day painting and stuffing thirty dozen eggs with confetti. The next day, Roberto is ready to celebrate his birthday with cascarones when he finds that his eggs have been stolen by the Cucuy. Roberto is determined to get his cascarones back and sets out to solve the mystery of where they might be. Along the way, he discovers that the Cucuy has also stolen things from other people, like a cake and a piñata. Will Roberto ever get to celebrate his birthday? Will he ever catch the monster?

Writing Exercise for kids:

Monsters are scary and can take many forms – having to take a big test or being in a dark room at night all by yourself. Think of a time you had to face a monster. Write about whether you chose to be brave or not

Monsters K-5 Writing Prompt Activities

K-5 Monster Writing Activities in Spanish

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Happy writing!


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