Alicia Salazar

Ear Worm! by Jo Knowles and Galia Bernstein

Have you ever had a song stuck in your head? Do you remember where you heard it?

The Picture Book of the Week in Ear Worm!, written by Jo Knowles and illustrated by Galia Bernstein.

About the Book:

The main character of this book, Little Worm, gets a song stuck in his head and has no idea who put it there. He asks Owl, and Chipmunk, and Bunny, and other animals if they put the song in his head, but they all have their own song. Even though Little Worm isn’t getting to the bottom of his ear worm mystery, he and the other animals are having a rollicking good time dancing and singing to all of their songs.

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Writing Exercise for kids:

Little Worm gets a song stuck in his head. Imagine you could choose the song that gets stuck in your family’s head. Write about the song you would choose and why.

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Happy writing!


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