Alicia Salazar

Me…Jane by Patrick McDonnell

Do you believe you can do impossible things? Jane Goodall did, even when she was 10 years old. In honor of her birthday….

The Picture Book of the Week is Me…Jane, written and illustrated by Patrick McDonnell.

About the Book:

As a child, Jane had a stuffed chimpanzee name Jubilee. She loved nature and she was very curious about how the natural world worked. She loved to spend time observing where eggs come from and the everyday lives of the plants and animals in her backyard. From a very young age, Jane had a dream. She wanted to go to Africa to help the animals there. It wasn’t easy, but she made her dream come true.

Watch Jane Goodall read Me…Jane:

Writing Exercise:

What is your dream? Will it be easy or hard to accomplish your dream? What do you have to do to make your dream a reality? If your dream is difficult, why is it worthwhile?

I would love to read your stories. If you are willing to share, please send your story to

Happy Writing!

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