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Sweep by Louise Greig and Júlia Sardà

Have you ever gotten swept away by a bad mood?

The Picture Book of the Week is Sweep, written by Louise Greig and illustrated by Júlia Sardà.

About the Book:

Ed isn’t always in a bad mood, but on this day he is in a big one. At first only small things get swept up in his bad mood, but the more he ruminates, the bigger his bad mood gets. Bigger and bigger things get swept up until it seems like the entire world has been swept up in Ed’s big, bad mood. If he would just look up at what is beautiful. Can anything make Ed look up?

Writing Exercise:

This book uses the metaphor of sweeping up leaves and cars and buses and bicycles to represent Ed’s bad mood as it gets bigger and bigger. Write or draw a metaphor for your bad mood. Is it a freight train running everything over or is it a tornado ripping everything in its path. Let your imagination run wild.

Happy Writing!

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