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Louis by Tom Lichtenheld and Julie Rowan-Zoch

Have you ever felt overlooked, mistreated, like you wanted to find a place where you were appreciated?

The Picture Book of the Week is Louis, written by Tom Lichtenheld and illustrated by Julie Rowan-Zoch.

About the Book:

Louis is about a teddy bear named Louis who isn’t quite happy with his job. When he isn’t being used as a hankie, he is being fed to dinosaurs or sprayed with milk. The only solution, he thinks, is to get away–go somewhere where he is appreciated. He just has to find the right moment–just not when it’s raining and not during a tea party. Will Louis ever find the right time?

Writing Exercise:

Louis isn’t happy with his job. He feels under appreciated. Write a story or an essay about a character or you wanting to get out of a similar situation. Include details like being sprayed with milk or being eaten by a dinosaur.

Happy Writing!

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