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Are We Pears Yet? by Miranda Paul and Carin Berger

It’s hard to wait for what we want, but waiting is just part of the process.

The Picture Book of the Week is Are We Pears Yet?, written by Miranda Paul and illustrated by Carin Berger.

About the Book:

Are We Pears Yet? is about two seeds who are waiting to become pears. They have never done this before and don’t really know what is coming — well, one of them seems to. They only know that eventually they will become pears. It is their destiny. They make sure they have everything they need to grow, they nap when they have to, but they just can’t wait. Although, one of them is more patient than the other.

Writing Exercise:

Are We Pears Yet? explains the process a seed goes through to become a pear in the form of a play, that is, using dialogue to move the story along. Try to write a story explaining a scientific process using only dialogue. If you can make them cute like pear seeds, that’s a bonus.

Happy Writing!

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