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Oliver’s Lollipop by Allison Wortche and Andrés Landazábal

Are you here now? Are you really?

The Picture Book of the Week is Oliver’s Lollipop, written by Allison Wortche and illustrated by Andrés Landazábal.

About the Book:

Oliver’s Lollipop is about a boy who is so busy taking care of his lollipop and wondering what it will taste like, that he doesn’t appreciate the wondrous sights and sounds going on around him. Oliver goes to the zoo, but he doesn’t see anything. He doesn’t experience the carousel or enjoy any of the animals. He is completely focused on his lollipop. When he loses his lollipop, Oliver has to re-focus his attention. The result shows the reader how to be in the moment.

Writing Exercise:

In this story, Oliver is completely focused on his lollipop. Have your child think of a time they were so focused on one thing, that they ignored everything else? What happened when they expanded their focus? How did they feel?

Happy Writing!

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