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It Will Be Ok by Lisa Katzenberger and Jaclyn Sinquett

The theme for this week is things that try our courage. Is there something you always do, but if something changes, some obstacle presents it self, it makes you want to run away and hide.

The Picture Book for this Week is It Will Be Okay, written by Lisa Katzenberger and illustrated by Jaclyn Sinquett.

About the Book:

The book opens with Giraffe lamenting that he can’t go to the watering hole and he is afraid of telling Zebra. Giraffe saw a spider at the watering hole and is imagining dozens of nightmare scenarios in which spider might do something uncomfortable. Zebra tries to calm Giraffe down by explaining that he is much bigger than Spider. Zebra finally convinces Giraffe to go down to the watering hole and confront his fear. When Giraffe does, he learns new lessons about fears and friendships.

Writing Exercise:

If you can get a copy of this story, the writing challenge for the week is to read the story and write a story from the perspective of the spider.

But you don’t have to buy the book. Pick any story that you have read and write a story from the perspective of the villain.

Happy Writing!

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