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Marsha is Magnetic by Beth Ferry and Lorena Alvarez

Kids who are naturally magnetic and popular might not find today’s book relatable. For any kid who has struggled with a socially awkward situation, today’s book is a funny, satisfying alternative to feeling bad about it.

This week’s Picture Book of the Week is Marsha Is Magnetic, written by Beth Ferry and illustrated by Lorena Alvarez.

About the Book:

Marsha is a scientist. She loves being a scientist. When confronted with a problem, she applies the scientific method to find the solution. Her upcoming birthday party presents a problem because she is also a bit awkward socially and her list of friends is…blank. She has no one to invite. Undaunted, she begins her investigation into her problem and comes up with an experiment. Her solution makes her truly magnetic and Marsha learns that all she needs to make friends is to be herself.

Writing Exercise:

The scientific method is an elementary learning objective. Your child’s challenge this week is to approach a problem, any problem, they might have scientifically by applying the scientific method.

The Scientific Method: (1) Make an observation (2) Ask a question (3) Formulate a hypothesis (4) Test the hypothesis (5) Analyze data (6) Draw a conclusion.

Have them document each step.

Happy Writing!

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