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The Tree That’s Meant to Be by Zommer

Doesn’t everyone feel a little different sometimes? It doesn’t always have to mean rejection. Sometimes it can mean something unexpected.

The picture book selection this week is The Tree That’s Meant to Be, written and illustrated by Yuval Zommer.

About the Book:

The Tree That’s Meant to Be is a story told from the perspective of an imperfect fir tree. The tree is a little too crooked and a little too short to be chosen as the perfect Christmas tree. When it ends up alone after all of the other trees are selected by humans, the tree wonders what will become of it. Will it never get to celebrate Christmas? Can anybody hear it’s call? Next comes the unexpected part: new friends, new confidence, and of course, Christmas!

Writing Exercise:

The Tree That’s Meant to Be is written in first person. The first person POV allows the reader to feel the main character’s emotions and experience the events in the main character’s life with immediacy. It brings the reader closer to the tree. The writing challenge this week is for your 3-5 grader to write a story about a time they felt alone in first person.

Happy writing!

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